Company FLIP-X Series

FLIP-X Series Single-axis Robots

FLIP-X series are single-axis robots, this series includes many models of 6 types and 28 variations for the wide range applicability, up to 3050mm in stroke and 120kg in maximum payload. While each model is designed for the space-saving structure, it uses a built-in motor which has highly adaptability to environment and high level of ease of maintenance. Its complete absulute specification requires no return-to-origin function. A model with clean room use specification is also available.

A wide variety of single-axis robots, FLIP-X series, from super-compact size to super-long stroke.

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  • Uses a 4-row 2-point groove guide rail for superb durability!
  • Absolute system provides total reliability!
  • Direct coupling structure
  • Streamlined maintenance tasks
  • Custom order specifications for each model are OKAY!

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