Company PHASER Series

PHASER Series Single-axis Robots

PHASER series robots use a compact-size shaft type linear motor which provides remarkably high thrust. In addition to high performance of +/- 5μm repeated positioning accuracy, 3G maximum acceleration and 2,5m/sec maximum speed, the price is surprising low. For the model with clean room use specification, please consult Yamaha sepaatelly.

Linear motor single-axis robots, PHASER series, utilizing the features of both the shaft type and flat type.

  • No critical speed hazards that happen with ball screws!
  • Drastic increase in payload on MF type Maximum payload: 250 kg
  • Standard specs now support double-carrier operation
  • Lower cost because major components are internal
  • Linear scale made in-house at YAMAHA

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⬇ PHASER Catalog download (pdf)

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