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XY-X Series Cartesian Robots

XY-X series robots are Cartesian (Descartes system) robots with full line-up to cover up to 3050mm in stroke and up to 50kg in maximum payload. Using a gantry type which is useful for a high load, a moving arm type which is suitable for loading and unloading work pieces and other types in combination, it is possible to meet applications. A model with clean room use specification is also available.

⬇ Applicable stroke and payload (pdf)

Cable Variations

Cable carrier (C)

When adding cables to a cable carrier track, keep the cable occupation rate at 30%
or less. Note. User cable: 10 cores, 0.2 sq.

Cable carrier (C)

Adding a load on whipover will result in sagging and cut. Sagging may also occur when using long strokes.
Note. User cable: 7 cores, 0.2 sq.
Note. User tube: two ∅4 air tubes

⬇ This is why the XY-X is terrific! (pdf)

  • Uses a 4-row 2-point groove guide rail for superb durability!
  • Tough & highly reliable resolver
  • Streamlined maintenance tasks
  • Complete line-up
  • Lightweight & compact
  • Reasonable price
  • Supports double Y axis standard specs

⬇ Robot ordering method description (pdf)

⬇ XY-X Catalog download (pdf)

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