Company YK-XG Series

YK-XG Series Scara Robots

YK-X series robots are SCARA robots, this series comes in different models ranging from 120mm to 1200mm in the arm length and from 0,5kg to 50kg in maximum payload. As a complete absolute specification is used, no return-to-origin function is needed. Also the speed control unit for the R axis provides high acceleration/deceleration and high accuracy. Among available specification are: clean/dust proof, drip proof specification which makes use in environments of such requirements possible and ceiling/inverse mounting specification which various installation possible.

⬇ YAMAHA SCARA robots-everybody wants these great features! (pdf)

  • Completely beltless structure
  • High speed
  • Amazing R axis allowable inertia moment
  • Zone control (=Automatically sets the maximum acceleration/deceleration) function
  • Tough & highly reliable resolver
  • Compact
  • Superb maintenance features
  • History of 30 years

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⬇ YK-XG Catalog download (pdf)

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