Representation of Yamaha industrial robots

Since 2005, our company has been the exclusive Hungarian distributor and service representative of premium quality YAMAHA industrial robots.

Janome servo presses

Our company is the Hungarian distributor and service representative of the highly reliable Japanese JANOME servo presses.

Brand and outstanding quality

When using Yamaha industrial robots, we not only get a high-tech device, but we also invest in the future.

Why choose us?

Industrial Robots- Industrial Automation- Industrial Support

We have more than 15 years of professional experience in industrial robots, automation and also our accumulated achievements prove how trustworthy we are. Our Yamaha and Janome machines represent Japanese premium quality and provide you with long-term production safety, stability and relief. For us, your satisfaction is the most important, so we will prepare our customized quotion within 24-48 hours.

If necessary, we provide a total of 3 days of free technical support for each purchased machine, which includes on-site programming and training to help with installation. Our experts can help directly in case of a breakdown or any technical problem.

Our philosophy is providing a strong technical support both to integrators and end users, from the selection of the exact type of machine, through successful installation, and then during operation. Our company has been the exclusive Hungarian representative of Yamaha industrial robots since 2005, and we also distribute Janome servo presses with several years of experience. In all cases, we always give high-priority to the requests of our existing partners and new interested customers!
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Key areas


Food industry

Chemical industry

Electronics industry

Representation of Yamaha industrial robots

The Yamaha brand is in itself a guarantee of the best quality products available on the robotics market worldwide today and for the future as well.
More and more Central and Eastern European multi-companies are already using this brand, and its spread is continuous in the Hungarian automation market.

Only Yamaha offers a wide range of products to automate an entire industrial manufacturing process, from simple 1-axis linear servo units to 6-axis servo manipulator systems. We provide the best value for money solution as Yamaha is constantly expanding its product range.