JP-S2 Típus


Slim and Compact

Main Features

  •  Ideal for replacing hydraulic and pneumatic presses!
    The low noise, enviromentally friendly JP-S2 consumes less energy than an oil or air press, greatly lowering your running cost. Installation is easier too, as electrically-powered servo presses need no pipping.
  •  Space Saving
    Slim press unit and compact controller ideal for facility integration. Effectively lowers your production equipment space requirements whether installed as a single unit or as a multiple unit system.
  •  Slim Body Type (only 65mm wide in the smallest model!)
    Reduces the amount of space taken up in your facility while offering multiple setup options.
  •  Comprehensive Interfacing Compatible with Digital I/O, Field Network, Ethernet and Pendant Unit interfacing.
  •  Comprehensive Lineup
    9 basic model sizes ranging from 5kN-200kN, with different ram stroke lengths to choose from.
  •  Environmentally Friendly
    Electrically-powered servo press runs more cleanly than oil or airpresses.
  •  Wide Variety of Pressing Modes and Sensors
    We combined pressing parameters (speed/load) with stopping parameters (position,load,distance,time, etc.) to create our pressing modes. Set several modes in one program to make a multi-stage operation. Use our many sensor function to judge pressing result.
  •  Consistent Quality Control
    Ample sensor judgment capabilities and Ethernet connectivity as standard equipment. Saves job and judgment result data for reliable traceability.
  •  Various Control Settings
    You can freely set parameters such as Load, Position, Distance and Speed.
  •  Comprehensive Interfacing
    Compatible with Digital I/O, Field Network, Ethernet and Pendant Unit interfacing.
  •  Reduced Start-up Costs
    You can keep your start-up costs low by choosing only the options that meet your usage needs.
  •  Auto Load Calibration
    Calibrate the internal load cell with just a few easy settings.



Basic Servo Press Operation





System Configuration



Smoothly incorporate into your facility, for easy quality control.



PC Software


Edit setting data, display pressing results and analyze your data with our original „JP-SaS II System” software.


01 JP-S2 Designer (Standard) Receives and edits teaching data, sends edited data  

Create teaching and sensor parameter data, send, and receive all your setting data to and from your PC, save changes, backup and print your data.

  • Creates teaching data on your PC and sends it to the Electro Press.
  • Uploads teaching data from the Electro Press to your PC.
  • Displays time series data taken with JP-S2 Sampler and displays it as a graph.
  • Edits teaching data sensor judgment parameters, etc., based upon the graph display.
  • Saves edited data onto your PC, as well as sends it to the Electro Press.
  • Real-time check of pressing I/O.



02 JP-S2 Sampler (Optional) Receives and saves pressing result data.  Use this software to display quality control data and time series data for each shot and save it as a sampling file. Displays the pressing results for multiple press units on one screen.


  • Displays pressing result data (quality control data) as a list.
  • Creates and displays CPK (Process Capability Index) data based upon pressing result data.
  • Displays pressing result data (time series data) as a graph.
  • Displays sampling data conditions.
  • Collects pressing result data for multiple Electro Presses.

* Number of presses may vary due to work environment.



03 JP-S2 Reporter (Optional) Analyzes saved result data and creates reports.  

Display data acquired by Sampler, generate CPK analysis and result analysis reports.

  • Lists up quality control data for easy reference.
  • Displays CPK values (Process Capability Index) based upon result data.
  • Histogram display of sensor judgment values, final load values and final positions.
  • Displays time series data as a graph.
  • Also displays result-based CPK data as a graph.



Industrial Application



From press fitting to testing, the Janome Servo Press has an important role in many different processes.
  • Before using our product, please be sure to check their respective operation manuals so that you can use them safely and correctly.
  • Specifications may be modified without prior notice to improve product quality.
  • For inquires, please contact us throught the „Contact Us” page on our website
*When using our press for metalworking, obey local laws for safety,
add safety device and obtain regulatory approval(s) when required.
For more information, please contact us.



Product Lineup


Ram Stroke(mm) 100
200 200


How to Read the Model Code




External Dimensions




*1 The 300mm stroke is available for the JP-S2002 only.
*The JP-S2002 Long Holding controller is the same size as the JP-S3002 Standard controller, and the JP-S3002 Long Holding controller is the same size as the JP-S5002 Standard controller.
*Please contact us for more detailed dimensions and/or dimensions not mentioned in this catalog.







Common specification



  • *1 The load detection unit indicates the resolution (for analog/digital conversion). This differs from load detection precision.
  • *2 Holding times decrease as loads increases. (In some situations, holding times are unattainable.
    Increases in motor temperature can shorten holding times even further.
  • *3 Load display precision is ±1 % (FS) of the maximum load when pressing in the range of 10% or more of the maximum load  with no influence from increase in temperature.
  • This is an indicator of sensor measuring unit and accuracy and is not an indicator of load tolerances after presssing or margin of error.
  • *4 Position repeatability is dependent upon the press bearing a constant load at constant press unit and surrounding environmental temperatures. Repeatibilty is not a guarantee of absolute position precision.
  • *5  The  number of programs, pressing steps and step judgements is limited in relation to the total memory size. When  multiple steps are included in one program, this in turn
  • limits the number of new programs which can be added to the memory.



  • Press Unit Cable
  • Power Cable
  • Operation Manual (CD-ROM)
  • JP-S2 Designer PC Software (Windows® 7, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10, Microsoft Windows® Embedded Standard 7 compatible)


  • JP-S SaSS II System PC Software Windows® 7, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10, Microsoft Windows® Embedded Standard 7 compatible
  • Pendant Unit (with or without emergency stop switch*) (Lengths: 2m/3m/5m/10m )
  • Emergency Stop Contact Output cable* (Lengths: 3m/5m)
  • Pendant Unit Short Connector*
  • DIO Connector
  • DIO Cable (Lengths: 2m/3m/5m)
  • Encoder Output Cable (Lengths: 3m/5m)
  • Analog Monitor Output Cable (Length: 2m)
  • DIN Rail Attachment Plate
  • *When using a Pendant Unit equipped with an emergency stop switch, please be sure to construct a cutoff circuit. An „emergency stop contact point output cable” is necessary when constructing a cutoff circuit. When disconnecting a Pendant Unit equipped with an emergency stop switch, a „Pendant Unit short connector” is requied.