YK-XGC/XC tisztateres SCARA robotok

YK-XGC/XC Type Clean SCARA robots
Introduces the clean SCARA robots.

A clean room applicable model of the SCARA robot.
The Z-axis spline is covered by bellows made of less dust emission materials and other sliding parts are completely sealed.
Harnesses are also completely built-in and the inside of the robot is sucked from the rear of the base to prevent dust emission.

Degree of cleanliness : Class 10 (0.1μm) equivalent to FED-STD-209D (CLASS ISO3 ISO14644-1)
*Per 1cf (0.1µm base),when suction blower is used.


  •  Arm length: 180 mm to 1000 mm
  •  Intake air: 30 to 60 Nℓ/min.
  •  Degree of cleanliness:
    YK-XC:CLASS 10
    *CLASS 10 (0.1μm) FED-STD-209DFED-STD-209D equivalent
  •  Maximum payload: 20kg





01 Vertical bellows structure improves the reliability of the clean performance.


As a beltless structure is used, no dust generation caused by the belt occurs. Furthermore, as the YK-XGC type was renewed to a structure, in which the bellows are installed on the Z-axis vertically, the reliability of the clean performance was further improved.

Note. Except for YK500XC to YK1000XC


02 High durability


As a beltless structure is used, the robot can be operated without worry about belt elongation and secular change Note.Additionally, the bellows installed on the Z-axis use material with high durability to ensure the durability performance.

Note. Except for YK500XC to YK1000XC


03 Completely beltless structure improves the rigidity.


A completely beltless structure was achieved using a ZR-axis direct coupling structure. As a speed reducer is coupled to the tip rotation axis, the R-axis tolerable moment of inertia is very high and the high-speed movement is possible even with a heavy workpiece or largely offset workpiece.

Note. Except for YK500XC to YK1000XC


Various data



Model Type Arm length (mm) Maximum payload (kg) Standard cycle time (sec)
Tiny type 180 1 0.42
220 1 0.45
Small type 250 4 0.50
350 4 0.52
400 4 0.50
Medium type 500 4 0.66
500 10 0.53
600 4 0.71
600 10 0.56
700 20 0.57
800 20 0.57
1000 20 0.60