TS-Monitor (LCD monitor)

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A liquid crystal display is integrated into this unit. It allows checking each operating state, current position, electrical current and voltage values, etc.

for TS-X KCA-M5119-00
for TS-P KCA-M5119-10




Handy terminal HT1 / HT1-D

Has graphic LCD display with backlight for easy viewing.

Standard type KCA-M5110-0E
Enable switch type KCA-M5110-1E




Regenerative unit:RGT

A regeneration unit may be required depending on the model and operation conditions of the connected robot.

Model KCA-M4107-00




Support software TS-Manager

Besides data writing, editing and backup functions, the TS-Manager also offers cycle time simulation and various types of monitor functions.

Model KCA-M4966-0J




Data cables

Communication cable for TS-Manager. Select from USB cable or D-sub cable.

D-Sub type (5m) KCA-M538F-00
USB type (5m) KCA-M538F-A0




I/O cables (2m)

NPN or PNP I/O cables.
Color-coded flat cables.
Lattice type, 20 conductors × 2, total length 2 meters, one end unterminated.
(This cable is supplied with NPN and PNP units)

Model KCA-M4421-20




Absolute battery

Absolute battery basic specifications

Absolute battery basic specifications
Item Absolute battery
Model KCA-M53G0-10
Battery type Lithium metallic battery
Battery capacity 3.6V / 1,650mAh
Data holding time About 1 year
(in state with no power applied)
Dimensions φ18 × L50mm
Weight 24g

Note. The absolute battery is subject to wear and requires replacement. If trouble occurs with the memory then remaining battery life is low so replace the absolute battery. The battery replacement period depends on usage conditions. But generally you should replace the battery after about 1 year counting the total time after connecting to the controller and left without turning on the power.




Daisy chain coupler cable

Model KCA-M532L-00

Up to sixteen units can be connected in a daisy chain.



Accessories and part options PDF (369KB)